Hard Work / Dedication / Vision

    Sheard Industry Apparel was started by a dedicated grower with a strong passion for motocross and backcountry snowmobiling. Every day of the last decade was spent feeding plants, riding dirt bikes all summer, and exploring the Colorado backcountry in the winter. Through these experiences, one thing became obvious: Proper gear is important. It's that simple.



    For the last few years I've compiled notes on how I would make workwear for the Cannabis Industry. It's something I've been striving to create, but never really knew when, or how, it would ever come to fruition. Well, I'm happy to announce that we have launched the first workwear to ever hit the market created specifically for Growers and Extractors - and it's all designed by someone who has worked every role in the industry, which is the most important part about this brand. 

    It all started with a sharpie and a long work day that went too far into the night. We were about 12 hours deep into a defoliating session when it hit me: Workwear for growers, it needs to exist. I was fed up with dirty/foggy sunglasses, I kept losing my razor and snips, was soaking wet from sitting in damp tray bottoms; I knew I wasn't the only one dealing with it, and became determined to create a solution. Grabbed my trusty sharpie, and started writing down some ideas right on the front wall of the bloom room. It was this grow that allowed me to design, test, and create something special for the rest of the industry to enjoy.

    Another issue that became clear was the lack of comfortable gear for extractors that also offers forms of safety and protection. This is a large focus for the company; we have a private extraction facility attached to a grow where the in-house testing of our garments is made simple and practical.

    Sheard Industries Ltd. works with multiple manufacturers to produce our gear - some in the U.S.A. and some overseas, depending on the product. Each factory is utilized for what they specialize in. The manufacturers that we use produce goods for the biggest outerwear brands in the world, assuring the same knowledge and techniques go into creating ours. All of our production is done responsibly, and we are proud to be a part of the global economy. 

We are based out of Nederland, CO where the #BigGrowSmallTown mountain lifestyle is alive and well.

"You can't fake real."



Griff Sheard Founder & Owner