Why we created industry-specific workwear

Being a completely new realm of business, naturally, there are many voids in the Cannabis Industry - one of which being the lack of appropriate gear and workwear options suited for the environments that we are exposed to.

This isn't a void that you see in many other business platforms; regarding a booming multi-billion dollar industry, it's only a matter of time before protective gear is required, or highly preferred at the very least.

Here's a few reasons why workwear has a solid future in this industry:

  • Unify and professionalize your team; we offer bulk discounts and branding services for companies who wish to have their logo and/or employee names placed on multiple garments 
  • Cleanliness; we manufacture long sleeve utility grow shirts (offered in different fabric weights depending on your climate/temperatures) the long sleeve helps keep dead skin cells and hair from contaminating the flowers while strolling through aisles of plants. This will also benefit those with allergies and help control breakouts. We are researching and testing pollen-guard fabrics for future designs to further aid in allergy relief, while also controlling the spread of pollen if you work near male & female plants
  • Demeanor; when you throw on your workwear, you're throwing on a new attitude. It lets you know it's time to grind. Not only do you look more professional, but you also subconsciously act more professional
  • Safety; our extractor line features anti-static ESD fabric eliminating the possibility of static discharge near explosive solvents (butane) and reinforced fabric in vulnerable areas keeping your skin safe. Not to mention, all of our garments offer a safe place to display your ID badge - lanyards are a hazard in many situations, and a nuisance in all situations 
  • First impressions are key; leave a lasting impression with investors as they tour your facility. The current workforce of a business is the first thing people notice when visiting