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Technical Garment for Extraction Technicians

Pullover Lab Coat /// Protection+Lifestyle+Comfort

The first PPE pullover ever made that is designed specifically around Hydrocarbon Extractors and their need for safety, protection, comfort & style.

ASTM F2302-19  Certified by ArcWear in the U.S.A. 


  • Inherently Fire Resistant body fabric (60% modacrylic, 38% cotton)
  • Fully grounded body (ESD PPE) with 2% anti-static fibers
  • FR treated contrast fabric (100% cotton canvas)
  • Contrast fabric helps repel hash, and scrubs clean easily with isopropyl
  • Kangaroo pocket with ample room for storage while working
  • Collar (with 3 FR buttons) for a professional look and feel
  • Sheard's signature magnet pocket on the left sleeve shoulder, and our utility loop on right chest (the American Standard for ID Badge placement) 


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Our goal while designing this garment was to create the ultimate lab coat for extraction technicians. We wanted to make something that was comfortable, looked good, had technical features, and (most importantly) made from the highest level of protective fabrics available. Essentially, this is our 'performance' garment for someone who performs physical labor and tasks all day, but still needs protection. We found that while lab coats look nice, they soil easy and just don't allow the worker much free motion. Not to mention the annoying sleeves and huge cuffs.

Our X-Teq Pullover is a modacrylic blend with 2% anti-static carbon threading. The PPE industry standard for ESD workwear is generally 1% carbon, but we doubled that to ensure a grounded garment for anyone blasting. The entire pullover is also Inherently Fire Resistant, even the buttons on the collar. We offer embroidery with fire retardant stitch (or screen print with FR ink) to keep the garment up to standards while customizing it with your logo.

While we are working on a pant to go along with this top, there is a reason we made the pullover first. Technically, this garment will ground the wearer completely, mimicking the use of a lab coat covering your streetwear, and essentially 'eating' any static that might be discharged by the underlying clothing. Most work pants are a cotton blend and produce very little static to begin with. Sweatshirts, poly blend shirts, etc. are another story - these are the dangerous items. The hopes with this garment is to kill any static before it can travel to your fingertips and end up in the wrong place.

The pullovers launder easy, don't need any special care, and since the body main fabric is inherently FR & ESD, the protection will not wash out over time. The contrast fabric that makes up the front kangaroo pocket and sleeve tips is a tougher canvas that scrubs clean with isopropyl much easier than a regular shirt, which makes it simpler to remove hash stains and also attracts less dry material while packing columns.